And on the quiet side over five years already. Nemis page updated as Nemi deceased at honorable nearly
14 years of age.

I bought a new daily driver, 307 SW, back in the autumn actually. Been a bit on the quiet side what comes
to updating this page... Only one picture for now but maybe I'll get around doing some bigger updates...

Couple of (bad) pictures of my 405 Sri added. Again no updates in a long time, I would have pictures
from couple of gigs just as I get around to getting them online...

New pictures from Freedom Call / Edguy Gig

New pictures from X-treme/Yankee Car Show

Massive updates during last few days. Pics from Freedom Call, Gamma Ray, Battle Beast, Whispered
Haloo Helsinki and HIM gigs and Classic Motorshow, Old Timer Run and Big Wheels car happenings.

Surprise, again I've been lazy on the updates... But, now some new pics from Reckless Love
and Scooter gigs. I also went to see Raskasta Joulua (Heavy Christmas) and Sonata Arctica since
last update, but no photos from those because both were in Concert Halls.

New pictures from Big Wheels, been a bit lazy on the updates...

New pictures from Old Timer Run and EC Car Show

New pictures from Stratovarius gig and Classic Motorshow

New pictures from American / Tuning Car Show

New pictures from Amaranthe and Slash gigs.Slash pics are a bit crappy, but hey! atleast
its Slash :) Also went to see Manowar, but unfortunately photographing wasn't allowed :(

First update of the year, happy new year to all! New pictures from To/Die/For gig.

New pictures from Wintersun gig.

New pictures Sonata Arctica gig.

New pictures from X-treme Car Show and Ensiferum gig.

New pictures from Kotipelto & Liimatainen Duo, Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset and Sonata Arctica gigs.
Also pics from Old Timer Run, I didn't even remember that I hadn't uploaded these yet :D

New pictures from To/Die/For gig.

New pictures from Classic Motorshow.

New pictures from American/Tuning Car Show.

New pictures from Battle Beast gig.

New pictures from Poets Of the Fall gig.

Been a bit lazy on the updates again... New pictures from Big Wheels and Anna Abreu and Apulanta gigs.

New pictures from Old Timer Run And EC car Show

New pictures of Apulanta and Kotiteollisuus

Again it has been too long time since last update, but now I added 7 new galleries! Enjoy :)

Added technical data of 205 and 406

Fixed few errors I noticed on the page after the update.

Finally! All the galleries updated to new look.

Updated some galleries to new look.

New pictures from Big Wheels

New pictures from Old Timer Run

Hadn't had the time or motivation to update the pages. But also a lack of new material, not been to
any gigs or happenings. But that propably changes during the summer and maybe I'll add something
new on some rainy day... :)

Updates for a change. Look of the pages will change a bit, I changed the background to plain black
and the galleries will get a new look on some timeline, but for now only the new gallery of Nemi's
3 year old-pictures, has this new look.

Sad News, Velmu has been put to sleep today, due serious illness. Velmu (11.9.2005 - 22.1.2010) in memoriam

Updated lots of Nemis pictures

Updated Nemis Character test results, nice +191

New pics from Chorale gig @ Mikkeli

No updates for a while, but now some photos from Radalle.com Festival and Big Wheels

Updated lots of Photos from Himos Festival.

Updated couple of Nemis show results and took off some links that didn't work anymore.
Also fixed some other minor faults and changed the pic on mainpage.

Updated new pics from Easters American/Tuning Car Show.

Updated lots of new pics. Of Nemi, and Chorale and E-type gigs.

Updated Nemis show results, today at Rautalampi Nemi got her third SERT.

I took off my guestbook since no-one writes there except spammers.

Added Nemis results from Koillis-Sawo Show. Also new pics of Nemi and my new car I bought few weeks ago.

New pics from Brother Firetribe gig @ Lutakko and SportPug @ Joutsa.

First update of the year, new pics of Nemi.

Finally found the time to add the promised vacation pictures. Pics are taken on two trips. Gallery #1 mainly
along west coast of Finland and Gallery #2 in Sweden and Germany.

Pictures from Poisonblack gig @ Lutakko 26.11. Also new pictures of Nemi.

Bought a new toy, Peugeot 205 1.9 Gti -91 :) It needs a bit work though. Added pics of its current condition.
Also couple of new galleries of Nemi.

Quite long since last update. I was on my summer vacation away from home and after that been quite busy...
Lots of photos coming up when I find the time. Updated Nemi's show results and Velmu's health information.

Nemi went to A show at Saarijärvi today, result excellent.

Puustock-pics now online. As you can see from the quality, they are taken with my old camera

Nemi went to four dog show 19.7., 1.,2. and 3.8. result varying between "very good" and excellent. Some new
pictures of Nemi. Velmu went to character test 27.7. results added to Velmus page. Also pictures from
Big Wheels 19.7. and a new "Other pics"-Gallery. Also some photos coming from this years Puustock-festival,
as soon as I find the time to edit them.

Nemi went to Mikkeli dog show 5.7. result "very good". Added some new pictures of Nemi. Also pictures from Radalle.com @ Joutsa 12.7.

New pictures from Old Timer Run 28.6. @ Mikkeli. Also new pictures of Nemi, featuring Aksi, Rolle & Rekku

Nemi went to Rovaniemi International Dog Show 21.6. Results excellent and Sert. Also some new pics taken with
my brand new Nikon D60 Digital Camera :)

Nemi went to a Match Show here at Varkaus today, but no mentionable success. Just one more show under the belt.

Added Nemis results from two shows at Joensuu 17. and 18.5. Excellent at both shows and Sert and res-Sert. So couple of
nice ribbons and a cool Trophy for Nemi to put on the bookshelf :) Also couple of photos of Nemi with the prizes
added to the last gallery. Assesment in Finnish, also this time there maybe something I misread from the handwritten paper...

New pictures of Nemi, as promised

No updates for a while, but I'm still here ;) Added Nemis show-results from Parikkala Dog Show 4.5. Assesment only
in Finnish for now. I hope I got it even nearly right, because I couldn't quite read the handwriting... I will be
adding some new photos in few days.

Added Nemis show-results from Tampere International Dog Show 15.3. Assesment only in Finnish for now

Added more pics to Nemi 1 year-gallery

New pictures of Nemi. Nemi turned 1 year yesterday :)

New pictures from Chorale gig @ Varkaus 22.2.2008 and Sportpug winter day @ Joutsa 24.2.2008

Some new pictures, and a video of Nemi.

New year, old tricks ;) So some new pictures of Nemi.

I went to see two shows last week. Axxis, Gamma Ray and Helloween @ Pakkahuone, Tampere 10.12. and Nightwish
@ Paviljonki, Jyväskylä 14.12. The gig at Tampere was great, especially Gamma Ray. Helloween was also very good
but I liked Gamma Ray's show better. Axxis (which I didn't even know beforehand) was good warm-up act and it was
nice to see a band with two singers, as they had a guest female singer from band called Magica. The Nightwish gig was
a bit dissapointing, even without the firealarm... Not because of the band though, Paviljonki just isn't made for
concerts. Show looked great, haven't seen so much fireworks and pyroeffects during a gig before. But it's a shame that
because of the hall it did sound as great. Also a shame, no photos from either gigs... Photographing wasn't allowed :(
Even though at both gigs there were people with cameras, and no-one stopped them from photographing, so I think that
maybe I should also just ignore the rules and take my camera with me anyway...

Nemi´s showresult from Helsinki updated. Very good, from junior class. Hopefully I got the assessment right
I had trouble reading the handwriting, and it didn't help that again its in swedish...

I added technical data of both my cars. Also the page about Nemi´s shows is now online \o/. Although
the judges assessment is only available in swedish for now. And you can wait for the results from
tomorrows show in Helsinki in a few days.

New pictures of Nemi. Also added a Video of Nemi "playing football" from the summer. Nemi also went
to it's first show 17.11. at Jyväskylä and will be going to Helsinki 9.12. for a second show. From
Jyväskylä Nemi got a blue ribbon. Sometime in the (propably distant ;D) future I will be adding a new
section where you can find info about Nemi´s showsuccess and other stuff like that.

New pictures of Nemi featuring Rolle.

New pictures of Nemi.

New pictures from 69 Eyes gig 18.10. and Basic Element gig 19.10.

New pictures of Nemi.

New Pictures of Nemi. Already couple of weeks old, since I've been too busy to get them online.
Also pictures from Härkä Motor Meeting 1.9. @ Joroinen

New Pictures of Nemi

Loads of new Pictures from Puustock festival 20.-21.7.

New Pictures of Big Wheels. Some of the pictures are bit crappy because the weather
was cloudy and rainy.

New Pictures of Nemi featuring Jeri.

New pictures from Sportpug/Renault Tuning Finland-trackday at Ahvenisto Motortrack 16.6.2007
If you notice something funny about these pictures, it's because I forgot my camera and had to
use my mobile phone instead. It's not easy to photograph fast moving cars vith it...

New pictures of Nemi and my cars.

New pictures of Nemi.

New pictures of Nemi and Velmu.

New pictures of Nemi. Featuring Sissi and Viljo :)

Time to uncover the surprise. I have a new familymember called Nemi. Nemi is a Belgian Shepherd
Tervueren, check out the dogs section for information and few pics.

As promised, the new Photogallery from American / Tuning Car Show. Also a Surprise coming
in couple of weeks ;)

Nothing new for a while, but I really haven't photographed anything recently, but I added few
photos to the other pictures section, so check them out. The next update hopefully after the
easter As I am planning to take a trip to the American/Tuning Car Show.

New picturegallery from Sportpug's winter day at Joutsa 4.2.2007

A new year, so something new on the pages too. New pics and video of Velmu.

Some new pictures of Velmu

The server broke down again 8.11. It took a while before it was online again and before I was able
to upload my pages but evething should be online now. If something is missing let me know.

Everything should be online now, but if you still notice something missing please let me know.

The server where my page is located broke down last friday, also the backup files were lost,
so the the whole page has been down. Now I'm uploading my own backups, but it takes some time.
But I try to get the pages fully online soon as possible.

Added couple of pics of my cars, mainly because I finally painted the front bumper of my 306.
Also fixed the newest gallery of Velmu, because it was missing one page.

Two new galleries from Lutakko 23.9. Entwine and the support Soulrelic.

New pictures of Velmu. Velmu turned one year 11.9.

New pictures of Velmu

New picturegalleries from Ruukki Picnic and Big Wheels. Also new pics and a video of Velmu.
I Also went to see Billy Idol on Hartwall Arena 2.7. but no pics from there because photographing
wasn't allowed so I didn't take my camera.

New pictures of Velmu

Finally I added the finnish version of the pages. Also some new pics in other pictures section
and couple of pics of 306 with new wheels.

New pictures of Velmu

New imagegallery from Mustantuulen meeting 13.5.2006. Lots of black dogs there :)

Some new pictures of Velmu

Added an gallery of the Stratovarius gig @ Lutakko 7.4. and Poets Of The Fall gig 8.4.
Also few new pics of my cars.

Added an gallery of the Lordi gig @ Lutakko 31.3. I also bought new car to be my daily driver.
Pics on the Pugi section. It´s a 1996 Peugeot 306 2.0 ST

Added an old gallery of JM-racing at Rantasalmi 7.9.2003. Modified the text on the front page.
The Finnish version of the pages still waiting for motivation ;)

Added pictures and a Video of Velmu, also some info of Velmu added. Few new links and modified
the links-page a little.

Picture Gallery from MP-messut 2006 added

New Pictures of Velmu. As soon as I find the time, also picture gallery from MP-messut (Motorbike fair)
coming up. I'm also going to add some information about Velmu and make a finnish version of
the pages at the same time.

Picture Gallery from Teräsbetoni gig @ Hotelli Juva 21.1.2006

First Update for this year, so Happy New Year 2006 for everyone! Couple of new pictures of Velmu who
is now 4 months old. Also added couple of new pictures to "Other pictures" section.

No updates for a while. Now i added gig pictures from Sonata Arctica gig 1.12.2005 in Lutakko Jyväskylä.
Also new section called "Velmu", that's the name of our new familymember who is at the time 11 weeks old
Belgian Shepherd. Just pics there for time being, but I will be adding some information about the dog later.

New imagegallery from Alice Cooper Gig 6.8.2005. Also couple of pics of Hanoi Rocks,
who were warm ups for Alice, in the same gallery

New imagegallery from Big Wheels 16.7.2005. Also added some new pics to Other Pictures

New imagegallery from Sauna Open Air 11.6.2005

New imagegallery from Slamit.net track day @ Ahvenisto 30.5.2005

New imagegallery from Crazy Drivers Stuntshow 16.5.2005

I Updated the galleries so that the images are easier to watch. Made the Galleries with BreezeBrowser.

New imagegallery from Wounded Ways Gig @ Rammari. Also some new links added.

2 New imagegalleries from Hammerfall gig 8.4.2005 and #405klubi @ ircnet miitti 10.4.2005.

New imagegallery from American car Show 2005.

New imagegallery from Wounded Ways Gig @ Kapteeni Koukku. One hell of a Gig, those guys rock.
I'm sorry that I couldn't get decent pictures of the drummer Ville.

I'm also going to the American car Show now on easter, and of course take some pictures, so
further updates will be following soon.

Changed the visitor counter. The old one didn't work anymore. Also changed this page so that
most recent edits are on the top.

Fixed few problems that I didn't notice before.

I Added visitor counter, so that I can see that no-one actually visits these pages ;)

Haven't updated my old pages in a long time. But now these pages up and running. I bought space on
a server and also got my own domain from www.futuron.org.
So hopefully I now have more time to update these pages. Most of the content is the same as on my old pages
But I added pics from 2004 Neste Rally Finland and few gigs that I hadn't updated on the old pages.
New updates coming as soon as I visit some happenings or photograph something interesting :)